Luciana (Abreu) Macfarlane

CloseCorpI have been working with the IT industry long enough to have a broad experience, in many different areas.

I started 30 years ago as a programmer and systems analyst, which gave me a solid technical background. Then, 10 years later, following my vocational call, I moved to sales.

I worked as sales manager, training and leading teams; as account manager for global accounts. I had the opportunity to successfully negotiate legal agreements in both English and Portuguese. Also developed and implemented policies for channel programmes at different moments of my career. These activities allowed me to develop knowledge working with sales forecasts and budgets.

As a natural consequence, over the years I also got involved in marketing activities, which brought me experience in product positioning and promotion, and included organising and directing launches and events.

Developed strong presentation and training skills both for professionals and non-specialised audiences in public or in-house seminars.

Worked for big organisations in the corporate segment, such as Microsoft, Avon Cosmetics, HP, Front Range Solutions, as well as with non-profit organisations – itSMF Brasil, itSMF International, EXIN and BCS.

What I consider my strongest characteristics are the ability to listen, identify and understand the other party’s needs and aspirations, and the capability to spot opportunities and fill gaps not properly addressed in the target markets. As a consequence, I have always developed leadership with peers and subordinates.

My blend of IT and international business development skills allows me to understand and articulate the broad range of opportunities, challenges and consequences facing the IT community in the 21st century.

As well as commercial expertise, I have considerable experience with the international IT certification community,  in areas such as service management, corporate governance, business analysis and software testing.